Monday Multisport Update – April 8, 2013

April 8th, 2013

April showers bring SPRING RACING!

Good fortune meant many of the races fell between said showers. One of the most fortunate benefactors of the weather breaks was the “Tour of Ontario”. Starting with a time trial and crit on Saturday, and wrapping up with a road ‘circuit’ race on Sunday, the schedule seemed to miss 90% of the weekends down pours. Good weather and a great course means the “Tour of Ontario” is fast becoming a Treasure Valley gem!

Steve Taylor jumped into both of Saturdays races, and after a solid day of racing took the ‘bye’ for Sunday. Knocking down a fast thirty minutes flat, Steve was only two minutes back on stage winner Doug Lamott. Doug went on to win the series.

Tiedji Baker tackled the three stages of racing as well. Claiming 3rd in the time trial, she jumped into new territory rocking the crit. She was able to solo in just behind the main pack. Sunday I was able to watch the women’s road race from the wheel car. A combined women’s field meant the 1/2/3 gals were going to jump hard on the first climb. Like clock work, “BOOM”, off they went and the women’s ‘cat 4′ field spread out across the course in an instant. Working with a VeloWomen teammate, Tiedji held out and claimed 5th place in the series.

On two feet, rather than wheels, the High Speed Pursuit (1/2 marathon, 10k, 5k) fled the Idaho prison, however everyone returned without having to be ‘tazed’. The crew from Shu’s Idaho Rujnning Company made a presence on the podium. In the 5k, Mike Shuman took second place. The 10k put Erik Fitzpatrick in 1st and Brian Baker 2nd. And the half marathon had Leone Rusher in 3rd with Audry Ross a close 4th.

Did you race in the Spring Sprint Tri, Barking Spider, Glow Run…?  I scanned the results, however I might have missed someone. Let me know.

Quick correction from last week. My brain disconnected and I popped in the wrong dates for a couple of races. You will find Chicken Dinner on April 28th and Emmett Roubaix on May 5th. Thank you Harvin for pointing that out. We wont make you race two days in a row :)

This week, I’ll miss the ‘dump loop’ again for coaching run intervals. I’ll suffer a little for the rest of you. Matt, Jeff, Casey, Steve... Go get that hill!

Hey triathletes, have you registered for the Jason Broome Time Trial yet? It’s a great opportunity to put your head down and rock the clock! You can register at

Keep me informed,

Brian Baker 

Monday MultiSport EXTRA: Thanks to Steve Taylor for sharing this little ditty on facebook.  Note to self, when the pack splits, there is probably something in the road!

Monday MultiSport Update – March 18, 2013

March 18th, 2013

This is the last MMU of winter.  Make way for spring!

March weather is always hit and miss. If you got a chance to ride mid week it was shorts weather and wonderful. Team Dobbiaco busted out a wonderful first ride on the dump loop. We’ll be doing more goup rides and will probably hook up with some of the other groups riding the dump loop on Wednesday evenings.

The nice weather held up through Saturday and the St. Patrick’s day races were in full force. I believe there were at least 4 races this weekend. Teammates Steve and Debbie Taylor made their way to the Shamrock Shuffle. Both Steve and Debbie have put a strong focus on their running this year and it shows. They both set ANOTHER PR!  Nice work kids!

If your race happened to be Sunday, you probably wondered “what happened?” Cold winds prevailed and limited the final Slammer Race to only the heartiest souls. I don’t have results yet, however they can be found on the “G-Corsa Event Management” facebook page when they’re available.

With the wrap up of the Slammer series, what’s next?  Tour of Ontario? Spring Sprint Triathlon? High Speed Pursuit Half Marathon/10k/5k? The treasure valley is loaded with opportunities and we would like to support Team Dobbiaco members at your next race. Let us know where you’re racing next and we just might show up with the team trailer, a Shu’s tent and throw together an impromptu BBQ!

Keep me informed,
Brian & Tiedji